Sunday, January 3, 2010

Post fail and newness

So.....I fail. I had an epically severe posting fail. Sorry anyone who reads this. I know, I know, I post once then fall off the face of the planet. I completely agree that I do, in fact, fail at life and I profusely apologize. However, I did, in fact, have my reasons. They are personal, so I shant share them, but they are really honest to goodness acceptable reasons. Now that the lengthy apology is over and done with, I have things. Book-type things.
So, for all of you who loves you some Catherine Anderson, Early Dawn came out recently (and by recently I mean this last week). I have yet to obtain my copy because the employees at Barnes and Noble apparently want me to spontaneously combust before they decide to call me and tell me my copy has arrived. I promise a review as soon as I get the bloody book....or a sad note if I die trying. Also, P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast's newest installment in the House of Night series is out. I have read this. All I can say is OMGWTFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! Which will be explained in it's review, but fear not my pretties! The next installment is due out in April (thank god). Also, though it came out a few months ago I have finally conquered the newest Kresley Cole book, which was both delicious and full of awesomeness (a review of that will be following as well).

I have also concluded that I love girlie things like nail polish, makeup and shoes as much as I love books, so I plan on also starting a separate blog for all things beauty ( ). This will come complete with reviews, hauls, tutorials and epic fails. Feel free to view all of them =0).

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