Thursday, January 7, 2010

Woooot and A Nameless Witch

Hello my lovelies! Today I bring you awesomely good news as well as a new review *yayyyy!!!* So, good news to start, yes? I FINALLY got my copy of Early Dawn. It only took for freaking ever (thank you barnes and noble). Only more irritating was that while in wait of my ordered copy, I came across a copy in WalMart. Yes, I said WalMart. Because it makes perfect sense for the book store to be out of copies, but lord forbid Walmart run out. Yeah. Now, your probably saying, "well then, you whiney twit, why didn't you just freaking buy it then?" And my answer to all of you sensible people is this: gift card. So, like I said, I have finally obtained the book and thus shall read it promptly. Now, for the woot! mentioned in my title (you all thought it was the book didn't you, DIDN'T YOU??!!) Upon having a short, but intense conversation with my fellow book loving bestie (who also loves all things nails btw) I have managed to convincer her to co-write my blog with me *yay*. Now, your all probably going, "but why is this exciting?" to which I reply "why not?!?!" She is witty, funny, amazing and, best of all, lacks my forgetfulness and thus will prevent long lapses of un-postness that I am always so guilty of. Now, on to the book!

The book: A Nameless Withc
The Author: A. Lee Martinez
The description: A

tale of vengeance, true love, and cannibalism

Being born undead can have its disadvantages, such as eternal youth and flawless beauty  ---things most unsuitable for a witch. Hiding behind the guise of a grimy old crone, the witch is content living outside Fort Stalwart with her unlikely band of allies: a troll named Gwurm, an enchanted broom, and a demonic duck named Newt. She leads a simple life filled with spells, potions, and the occasional curse.

So when a White Knight arrives at Fort Stalwart, the witch knows her days of peace are at an end. The Knight is just days in front of a horde of ravenous goblings, and Fort Stalwart lies right in the horde’s path. But the goblings are just the first wave of danger, and soon the witch and the Knight must combine forces on a perilous quest to stop a mad sorcerer from destroying the world.

Now, this was my first read my A. Lee Martinez. It was one of those lucky used book store finds. After reading this I have determined that I like this style of writing and will likely find some other A. Lee Martinez books to absorb...I mean read, This story was full of humor, adventure, love, loss and, of course, mythical creatures of awesomeness. I heartily enjoyed this book. It had some wise quotes and some things that made me giggle. The writing style was reminiscent of Ella Enchanted, but more grown up. Thus, it made my little kid heart go pitter-pat with images of Camelot. Even though there was no mention of Camelot, go figure. The heroine was witty, honest and genuinely likeable. The hero was tall, dark and broodishly quiet, yet sweet. The companions were all lovable in their own way (my favorite was Penelope). I give this book a 3.5 out of 5. Also, there is only 1 sex scene and it's not really descriptive at all; thus I also approve this book to be a great young adult read as well. =0)

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