Sunday, August 15, 2010

A little more about me pour vous

  Alright homeskillets, I decided that you wonderful people deserved to know a bit more about me so here we go:

Do you have any pets?:
 I have 2 dogs and 1 snake. The pooches names are MoneyPenny, my super sweet Great Dane, and Chance, my flooferpoofers. Ok, so flooferpoofers isn't a breed; I know. He's a Border Collie/ Husky, i just call him flooferpoofers or flooferbutt. My fiance tells me this isn't manly and will give him a complex and tells me I need to give him a manly nickname like Whiskerbiscuit. I told him if he forces me to sacrifice flooferpoofers I will call him foofoocuddlypoops; he decided flooferbutt was acceptable. Penny eats everything in sight (including that in the pantry) and Chance cries like he's in pain when he gets excited. Apparently, it's a husky thing. I think he does it to see if the neighbors will think I abuse him and sneak him treats.

What are your favorite foods?
 I love things that are bad for me. So, cupcakes top my list (obviously). There's a cupcakery in town and the cupcakes will give you foodgasms. Seriously. Next to that I love me some Mama Roni's pizza rolls. No, these are not Totinos, these kiddos are the real thing, and the real thing is delicious! I also love cheese. Just cheese. If it is cheese and is made from cow, I pretty much guarantee I want to stroke it and love it and have it's baby. Except for swiss. Not a fan of swiss. Save for that, give me a block and a knife and I'll be happy as a fat kid at a buffet ( and yes, I do realize that isn't pc. I just don't care).

Favorite Ice Cream?
Ben n Jerry's Thin Mint Cookie, although the limited edition Key Lime Pie is a close second.

Favorite movie?
See, now this one always gets me because I love movies. I watch a ton of movies. My favorites, though, tend to be the classics. I can't help it, I just love movies where people spontaneously burst into song and dance and no one seems to think it's abbienormal (please, someone get that movie reference). I figure that has to do with my grandma. Before she floated off into the great musical of the beyond we would have a classical movie marathon every time I came to visit. My favorite movie is My fair Lady. Followed closely by anything else either Audrey Hepburn or Rogers and Hammerstein did. Now, I must also give mad props to Stardust (which is amazing) and Ever After (what can I say, I'm a sucker for a happy ending).  I must also add in here that I looooove Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I know it is exceptionally dorky, but I adore them. In fact, I adore them so much that I found a friend to share the dorkiness with. She has purple hair, several piercings, wears vegan footwear and carries a lightsaber in her car in case she ever needs to have a spontaneous fight to protect the force at a stoplight.

Favorite TV Shows?
Well, this one's a toughie because I don't actually have cable. No, I'm not a freak, I'm just a busy girl who rarely has time to watch tv. However, when I do have time or when netflix graces me with dvd happiness, I watch Bones, True Blood, Burn Notice and have also seen all the episodes of Buffy and Angel. What can I say, I have a soft spot for corny dialogue and ridiculous effects ( I blame you Bruce Campbell).

Makeup? Yay or nay?
I love make-up, almost as much as I love books. Which is why I have a beauty blog as well.  I don't see make-up as a way to hide things or fix things nor do I see it as a way to change yourself into something else. I think of it as art for your face. I love that I can play with colors and blending and shapes and create different looks. I love that at halloween I can use it to make myself look dead or look like an evil fairy. I think it's amazing that you can make someone's face look wider or thinner with bronzer or concealer. I just think make-up is fun. No, I don't wear it everyday. In fact, most days I don't wear anything at all. I mean nothing. I generally am too lazy to even put in my contacts, let alone take time for silly things like concealer or mascara. I do make-up on the odd days when the mood strikes me, but I have fun when I do.

What are your favorite genre of books?
I love romances. I can't help it. They're like little clouds of happiness for me. I love happily ever afters and silly mis-communications.  I love alpha males and independent females. The world is serious enough as it is and I love books that let me escape and romances do that for me. I love the romance genre in general, but my favorite sub-genre is paranormal romance. I know most people automatically go "Twilight! Gah! Silly Vampires!" but it's not all vampires. Honestly, even the ones that are vampires are still really good. Also, since it's been mentioned, I did read the twilight series and have seen the movies. They're not terribly well written, but they are cute and I do understand they're draw. Save for the first movie, the movies aren't bad either. In fact, this last one was pretty good. Although, I have to admit the first one had to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Ever. God that wig was awful. Almost as awful as the choppy scenes and terrible effects. Almost. I did buy it though; however I will point in reference to my love for B-grade movies with bad dialogue  above. Which is why, you shall notice over time, about 90% of my reviews are likely to be romance novels.

Alrighty then, well it's now well past my bedtime, so you shall have to wait in anticipation for the next installment of "Me: The Things No One Gives A Crap About". Toodles

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Manly muscles to brighten your day

Alright, so I was looking at my post and realized I only had 2, yes only 2 delectably tasty manly morsels for you to enjoy on here. How much fail is that? So, here is some more for you =0)

Ladies, please meet Enoch Mayfield's male models
About Enoch Mayfield

Ladies, please meet Enoch's models abs
About Enoch Mayfield

Unfortunately, Enoch failed to provide me with names for my tasty morsels, so we'll call them drooling 1 and unintelligable muttering 2. Sound good? Yeah I thought so. *wants to pet the aaaaaaabbbbbbbbssssssssss*

Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang

  When I re-read Zen and the Art of Vampires, I also read Crouching vampire. Why, you ask? Because Crouching Vampire is the sequel sillies.  Pia and Kristoff are so awesome, they needed two books. Two I say, what now biznatches?!?! Anyway, I think this story is adorable. The character interaction is absolutely amazing. Every character is likeable AND I finally got to figure out Alec. Magda takes part again, and she is one of my favorite characters. All in all, this will be a short review because I adored it as much, if not more, as the first one. However Christian and Ally's son is the best ever. You can never go wrong with a kid who wants to be Dracula and van Helsing all at the same time. :). So, yet again 5 cuppiecakes. =0). Go and read wenches!...and wenchers???

Book: Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang
Author: Katie MacAlister

For a woman married to the vampire of her nightmares, the honeymoon’s over— and reality bites... Pia Thomason is torn between two Dark Ones: her husband Kristoff—who doesn’t trust her—and his best friend, Alec, who is MIA. So Pia goes back to her humdrum Seattle life, but fate has other plans. And she realizes that if she and Kristoff are going to be shackled together for better or worse, she may as well start to enjoy it…For a woman married to the vampire of her nightmares, the honeymoon’s over— and reality bites... Pia Thomason is torn between two Dark Ones: her husband Kristoff—who doesn’t trust her—and his best friend, Alec, who is MIA. So Pia goes back to her humdrum Seattle life, but fate has other plans. And she realizes that if she and Kristoff are going to be shackled together for better or worse, she may as well start to enjoy it…

Zen and the art of Vampires

   Alright lovelies, so since I've failed so immensely on the blogging, I vow to catch up.  Unfortunately for all of you, while I didn't have time to post, I still made time to read. Given, it took my ages longer to finish a book than normal, but I still read. A lot. So, I'm going to post a ton of reviews of all the wonderful books I read and failed to tell you all about. I decided to start with Zen and the Art of Vampires, because I re-read it a few days ago. Now, here I will proclaim to the world, Katie MacAlister is one of my favorite authors. Period. She has yet to write something I didn't enjoy with every fiber of my being. Now note, I haven't read her historicals yet, but everything else has been amazing. Now, onto the novel!

Book: Zen and the Art of Vampires
Author: Katie MacAlister

Le Cover:

Le Synopsis:
Is it possible to love two vampires at the same time? Pushing forty and alone, Pia Thomason heads to Europe on a singles tour, hoping to find romance. What she finds are two very handsome, very mysterious, and very undead men. And she learns that where vampires are concerned, love isn’t the only thing at stake.Is it possible to love two vampires at the same time? Pushing forty and alone, Pia Thomason heads to Europe on a singles tour, hoping to find romance. What she finds are two very handsome, very mysterious, and very undead men. And she learns that where vampires are concerned, love isn’t the only thing at stake.
   Now, one of my favorite things about Katie is that her characters are always flawed, but in a normal sort of way. They are easy to relate to and her heroine, Pia, is no exception.  I'm sure almost every woman at one point or another has looked at herself and looked and a gorgeous guy and said "I wish." Now, this could be a common occurrence (I hope not) or just one of those random fat days that bite you in the ass; but it happens to the best of us. I love Pia, she's intelligent, sweet and surprisingly funny as well. Magda reminds me of that friend that everyone loves because they throw caution to the wind and you always have a great time. Kristoff is the perfect combination of adorable and grumpy to make it all come together beautifully.  My least favorite character here was Alec; I felt like he was fake-nice and got the feeling he wasn't very honest. 
    Anyway, this book is a fantastic afternoon read. It's easy to slip into her story and stay wrapped up in it through to the end. I give this book 5 cupcakes. Yes, I said cupcakes. You all know how I love my cupcakes, thus there is no better rating system in the world; however I will yield to the tradition of a 1 to 5 scale. Of cuppiecakes. Now, go off and read everything by Katie MacAlister. That is an order. =0)

Monday, July 26, 2010


So, my little lovelies, I fail. For this I profusely apologize. Unfortunately, intense school + intense work does not equal fair blog time. Which is why I've been MIA FOR FRIGGIN EVER. Anyway, I am sorry. Good news for you folks though, I have a small break in which I can blog like a mad least until school starts again and I fail (yet again). I don't fail on purpose, it's just that being a science dork means I have a crazy schedule full of unfun thinks like stats and chemistry. God I hate chemistry. I really don't see what chemistry has to do with animals....really I don't. Anyway, this is my notice that I shall be back for a bit and will attempt to cram in as many reviews as I can (along with a few tasty manly morsels). Well, I'm off, it's 89 cent margarita night and I hear them calling my name. Toodles lovelies!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Well guys, I was going to do a review on Come Hell or High Water by Michelle Bardsley, but I'm just honestly not in the mood at the moment. As we all know, when it rains it pours; yet on occasion you somehow manage to miss the rain and pour and instead have a giant bolt of lightening come zap you in the ass. This leaves you terribly confused as to the source, since last you checked, it was sunny and perfect out. Unfortunately, I got zapped....then zapped...then lit on fire and booted down a hill. So, at the moment I'm not up to par with the humor portion of the program. Thus, I have decided to crawl into a hole for a few days, do my nails and read some Janet Evanovich until I feel better. Sorry my book nuts, see you in a few days.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Early Dawn

Alrighty, my book minions, I have obtained and read the book Early Dawn. And, it was awesome. This one is a little different from my postings of late. It's one of the first non-paranormals I've read in awhile. What can I say, I've been on a kick. This one, my little lovelies, was a historical. And no, not a Lady Bevvington and Lord Ramrod sort of historical; though on occasion I do like those from time to time. However, I must admit they tend to be my least favorite sub-genre in romances; mainly because I find most of the lead females to be TSTL (too stupid to live), which irritates me. Given, this is not true of all books of this nature. For all I know, I may just pick the sucky ones, but none-the-less they are my least often read. This historical is more of the old school western sort with manly men, big guns, wagons and injuns (and, before anyone says anything stupid I'm part native american so shut it. I'm just sticking with the tacky western slang here). Anyway, on to the review!

The Book: Early Dawn
The Author: Catherine Anderson
Early Dawn By Catherine Anderson
The description: Matthew Coulter was beaten, shot, and left for dead by the Sebastian gang, but that was nothing compared to the pain he felt when they killed his wife. Swearing that he wouldn’t rest until every last member of the gang was dead, he’s been hunting them for three years. And now, he’s finally close enough to get his revenge. Eden Keegan is the kind of woman who would stand beside a man, never behind him, but she’s taken to her limits when she’s kidnapped by the Sebastian gang. Then, against all hope, she’s rescued in the middle of the night by a man with a hard glint in his eye. But is Coulter just another outlaw? He certainly looks like a scoundrel, but as they try to lose the Sebastians in the wilderness, she learns that under his rough exterior is a decent man who suddenly finds himself at a crossroads. Coulter knows that revenge can finally be his if he just turns to face his pursuers. If he fails, he dooms Eden to captivity…or worse. Now he has a choice to make. Settle the score…or surrender to his heart’s desire.

Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuun....
So, I really enjoyed this book. Her descriptions are amazing (I live in Colorado and have driven by No Name...yes, the town actually exists, thank you) and the views are dead on....provided by dead on you can imagine the view pre-skyscrapers and cities. The heroin is probably one of my absolute favorites from any of her books. She's ballsy, stubborn, intelligent, can kick some major butt, is good with weapons, yet is also innately girlie. Any girl who can shoot guns and still dress well gets my vote for awesomeness. Plus, it's nice to read a story where the girl is slightly less damaged than the male of the book. It's nice to remind us that sometimes it's us who can be the stronger and more sensible of the two. Of course, with her fiery personality comes some rash decisions and statements, but I feel that these were included in order to help confound any men that happened across the book and to solidify their misconception that we are confusing beings who do things that make no sense. Given, sometimes we do, but to us it makes perfect sense. So there. Anywho, the baddies are really bad, which makes them all the more awesome; thus making the hero and heroine all the more awesome for their evasiveness. All in all I give this one a 4.5 out of 5 (after all, I did read it in 4 hours, which means it has to be pretty darned good, right?). Good setting, good characters, well developed story; another winner for Mrs. Catherine Anderson. =0)

Tasy and Delicious

Also, I though I'd gift you with some eye candy. Here for your viewing pleasure is model Brock Harris (he's cute enough that I will let that name slip):

And because I'm feeling extra generous today, a second helping of Tyler Batchel. mmmmmmm. Enjoy!

Sooooooooooooo mannnyyy musclessssssssssssssssss *drool*

Woooot and A Nameless Witch

Hello my lovelies! Today I bring you awesomely good news as well as a new review *yayyyy!!!* So, good news to start, yes? I FINALLY got my copy of Early Dawn. It only took for freaking ever (thank you barnes and noble). Only more irritating was that while in wait of my ordered copy, I came across a copy in WalMart. Yes, I said WalMart. Because it makes perfect sense for the book store to be out of copies, but lord forbid Walmart run out. Yeah. Now, your probably saying, "well then, you whiney twit, why didn't you just freaking buy it then?" And my answer to all of you sensible people is this: gift card. So, like I said, I have finally obtained the book and thus shall read it promptly. Now, for the woot! mentioned in my title (you all thought it was the book didn't you, DIDN'T YOU??!!) Upon having a short, but intense conversation with my fellow book loving bestie (who also loves all things nails btw) I have managed to convincer her to co-write my blog with me *yay*. Now, your all probably going, "but why is this exciting?" to which I reply "why not?!?!" She is witty, funny, amazing and, best of all, lacks my forgetfulness and thus will prevent long lapses of un-postness that I am always so guilty of. Now, on to the book!

The book: A Nameless Withc
The Author: A. Lee Martinez
The description: A

tale of vengeance, true love, and cannibalism

Being born undead can have its disadvantages, such as eternal youth and flawless beauty  ---things most unsuitable for a witch. Hiding behind the guise of a grimy old crone, the witch is content living outside Fort Stalwart with her unlikely band of allies: a troll named Gwurm, an enchanted broom, and a demonic duck named Newt. She leads a simple life filled with spells, potions, and the occasional curse.

So when a White Knight arrives at Fort Stalwart, the witch knows her days of peace are at an end. The Knight is just days in front of a horde of ravenous goblings, and Fort Stalwart lies right in the horde’s path. But the goblings are just the first wave of danger, and soon the witch and the Knight must combine forces on a perilous quest to stop a mad sorcerer from destroying the world.

Now, this was my first read my A. Lee Martinez. It was one of those lucky used book store finds. After reading this I have determined that I like this style of writing and will likely find some other A. Lee Martinez books to absorb...I mean read, This story was full of humor, adventure, love, loss and, of course, mythical creatures of awesomeness. I heartily enjoyed this book. It had some wise quotes and some things that made me giggle. The writing style was reminiscent of Ella Enchanted, but more grown up. Thus, it made my little kid heart go pitter-pat with images of Camelot. Even though there was no mention of Camelot, go figure. The heroine was witty, honest and genuinely likeable. The hero was tall, dark and broodishly quiet, yet sweet. The companions were all lovable in their own way (my favorite was Penelope). I give this book a 3.5 out of 5. Also, there is only 1 sex scene and it's not really descriptive at all; thus I also approve this book to be a great young adult read as well. =0)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Deep Kiss of Winter (oooh, it's frostay!!!)

First off, yes, I know that was corny. And no. I don't care. It was still awesome. Anywho, today's (yes, another today's.....even though I read it last week. Shoosh! That's enough from you!) book is Deep Kiss of Winter, which is by Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter. No, it's not a compilation of both authors on two stories; it's a separate stories that are both in the same book. Currently it is only available in hardcover since it was released in October. It is the newest installment of Kresley's Immortals After Dark  or ash she refers to it IAD....much shorter and sweeter) series. This series is amazing (see previous posts cupcake reference). The are all intertwined, but as often in a romance series, unique. The books while they may tie in character-wise or there may even be overflow from one to the next, the stories each stand on their own two feet and have a beginning, middle and end for those characters. However, you get to revisit older characters in newer books and that just makes me darned happy. My personal favorite, is Nix, who is out of her bloomin' mind (which is likely why she's referred to as nucking futs nix) and who has a pension to wear t-shirts with odd sayings like "I play with my Prey." Kresley's world is one of supernatural splendor, complete with Vampires, Werewolves (or as she refers to them Lykae), Valkyrie, Fey, Witches and any other mythical beings you can think of....even kobolds (who btw are not cute nor cuddly). Anyway here is your description *yaaaaaayyyyy*:

delivers a breathtaking tale of a brutal vampire soldier about to know love for the first time...and a Valkyrie aching to be touched.
Murdoch Wroth will stop at nothing to claim Daniela the Ice Maiden -- the delicate Valkyrie who makes his heart beat for the first time in three hundred years. Yet the exquisite Danii is part ice fey, and her freezing skin can't be touched by anyone but her own kind without inflicting pain beyond measure. Soon desperate for closeness, in an agony of frustration, Murdoch and Danii will do anything to have each other. Together, can they find the key that will finally allow them to slake the overwhelming desire burning between them?
Deep Kiss of Winter

Not for the review portion of the program: While I did love this story, it is, unfortunately, my least favorite of her series so far. That being said, DO NOT THINK THAT MEANS IT ISN'T AMAZING...or I will kill you. On the grand scheme or her amazingness, this one is just a tad shy of the rest. The book is definitely worth the read, it is amusing, action packed, stocked to the gills with supernatural awesomeness and, of course, complete with hunky man. I just had slight issue with the heroine. She was sexy, smart, capable and a tad...whiney. I think it was the whiney that got to me. In all of her other books the femmes were badass. They all had some soft spots, but badassness ruled. Even in Emmaline's story, she was still badass. Naive, unsure, but she still did her business. Daniela is just a tad emo. I understand that if I couldn't touch a person without suffering severe pain, I might be a bit emo too. But, she's half valkyrie. Daniela kind of reminded me of that girl in highschool who always hung out alone and looked like a puppy about to pee herself if anything with a penis looked her way.....only not quite that severe. However, all this considered, I still really enjoyed this book as I have enjoyed all of her books and am not sad I bought it at all. I definitely give this one a 3.5 out of 5. So, kiddies, go get it and read it. Then look forward to her next installment in the IAD series, Pleasure of a Dark Prince, which is due out in Feb.

Tempted, by P.C. and Kristin Cast

Hello there my fellow bibliophiles. Today's tasty review tidbit is of the book Tempted, by P.C. Cast and her daughter Kristin Cast. Tempted is the 6th installment in the House of Night series. And for everyone going, "Hey, those are young adult novels and your so not even a teenager!" I am aware of this and I don't give a crap. This series rocks my socks, so all I have to say to you is a very mature *ttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhppppp* Which for those of you unfamiliar with that language, is me blowing a very mature raspberry at you. I highly recommend this series, they are amazing and wonderful. Like cupcakes. But not just any cupcakes, the kind that are full of sugary, fatty goodness. You know, the kind where you tell yourself you just want one, then eat the entire box and feel like a heifer? Those kind. I've also determined that the Dark Hunter series, Kresley Cole in general and everything Janet Evanovich or Catherine Anderson has written also give me that cupcakey goodness feeling. And no, I'm not saying their nauseatingly sweet, I'm saying you can't just read/have one. Ever.

Now, back to the House of Night-ness. If your new to the series, the series is basically an interesting twist on the idea of vampirism and the lives of said vampires. Basically, vampirism is a genetic trait that comes about in an indeterminate amount of time, generally around the teenage years (because there's no better time to become even more awkward and uncomfortable right?). Once the vampire trait manages to manifest itself, you are sent to the House of Night. A sweet vampire high school, for lack of a better description. Here you study and (hopefully) become the great vampire you were always meant to be. Enter in Zoey Redbird; vampire by accident, awesome by intent. She is a bad ass, yet adorable naive and sweet, who can kick ass, take names, then stop for some brown pop and chips. I feel like if she were a nail polish she'd be Royal Rajah Ruby by OPI. Anywho, the books follow Zoeys journey, which of course is wrought with unexpected horrors and general teen frustration and sarcasm. Now, for the novel du jour (well actually the jour was three days ago, but whatever).
Here is your description from the inside cover my minions, read and enjoy:
So…you’d think after banishing an immortal being and a fallen High Priestess, saving Stark’s life, biting Heath, getting a headache from Erik, and almost dying, Zoey Redbird would catch a break. Sadly, a break is not in the House of Night school forecast for the High Priestess in training and her gang. Juggling three guys is anything but a stress reliever, especially when one of them is a sexy Warrior who is so into protecting Zoey that he can sense her emotions. Speaking of stress, the dark force lurking in the tunnels under the Tulsa Depot is spreading, and Zoey is beginning to believe Stevie Rae could be responsible for a lot more than a group of misfit red fledglings. Aphrodite’s visions warn Zoey to stay away from Kalona and his dark allure, but they also show that it is Zoey who has the power to stop the evil immortal. Soon it becomes obvious that Zoey has no choice: if she doesn’t go to Kalona he will exact a fiery vengeance on those closest to her. Will Zoey have the courage to chance losing her life, her heart, and her soul? Find out in the next spectacular installment in the House of Night series, TEMPTED.

Now, this book was pretty darn good. It started off alright, but by midway through I couldn't put the darned thing down ( puffy horror movie worthy, zombie-like appearance can attest to that). The book starts precisely where the last one left off, nunnery and all. This book held lots of surprises, some good, some TERRIBLE....but none the less there were surprises. The action was good, this story is told from several different pov's, which can be a horror, but thanks to the Cast's ingenious labeling of who is telling each chapter, any potential brain muddling was easily avoided. Plus, the characters are all well written and have very distinctive tones and accents. The flow is amazing, the descriptions are wonderful and the quippy comments compliments of Aphrodite just made me giggle. Particularly the reference to a particular male as an asshat. Which, by the way, is now my new favorite insult. However, the ending made my heart break. I will not spoil the book for you. I won't. If you've already read it and need someone to rant to, I'm here. Trust me. I already ranted. And since up until recently my fellow book crazy hadn't read this yet, I ranted to my poor unsuspecting boyfriend; who likely just assumes I am now certifiable since he has never read the series. I wholly recommend you give this series a read. Really. Even if your 75 and use a walker (and yes, I do realize that most people that are 75 don't need a walker; however walkers remind me of my gramma who died recently. So until I'm not sad anymore you all use freaking walkers). I rate this series a 4 out of 5. Now go read. Go!

Post fail and newness

So.....I fail. I had an epically severe posting fail. Sorry anyone who reads this. I know, I know, I post once then fall off the face of the planet. I completely agree that I do, in fact, fail at life and I profusely apologize. However, I did, in fact, have my reasons. They are personal, so I shant share them, but they are really honest to goodness acceptable reasons. Now that the lengthy apology is over and done with, I have things. Book-type things.
So, for all of you who loves you some Catherine Anderson, Early Dawn came out recently (and by recently I mean this last week). I have yet to obtain my copy because the employees at Barnes and Noble apparently want me to spontaneously combust before they decide to call me and tell me my copy has arrived. I promise a review as soon as I get the bloody book....or a sad note if I die trying. Also, P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast's newest installment in the House of Night series is out. I have read this. All I can say is OMGWTFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! Which will be explained in it's review, but fear not my pretties! The next installment is due out in April (thank god). Also, though it came out a few months ago I have finally conquered the newest Kresley Cole book, which was both delicious and full of awesomeness (a review of that will be following as well).

I have also concluded that I love girlie things like nail polish, makeup and shoes as much as I love books, so I plan on also starting a separate blog for all things beauty ( ). This will come complete with reviews, hauls, tutorials and epic fails. Feel free to view all of them =0).